Update on the Blog, website etc.


For many years larger organisations that could afford it have benefited from their ability to employ people who can provide strategic and in depth guidance on strategy, performance reviews and in guiding on significant decisions such as outsourcing. They have also been able to pay considerable costs to fund independent consultancy exercises to help them leverage IT more effectively by adopting beneficial solutions and driving better deals with their service providers.

We set up Korolit just over a month ago to provide this service to smaller businesses and organisations that need the same quality of guidance but cannot afford to carry the salary costs for a Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT Director or fund expensive external consultancy. It’s also probably fair to say that were able to commit a lot more focus and passion on our clients business than a much larger organisation with many much higher paying global clients is likely to be able to do!
As part of our set-up we launched the Blog just under a month ago and to date have published 4 posts covering a variety of topics. Alongside this we have also set-up our new website (www.korolit.com), created a Facebook, Linked-in, Google+ page and Twitter account (@korolitbiz). All of this helps us to get our presence known and hopefully generate a lot of interest in our services. 
Were really pleased with the re-worked website but it takes time to get the site fully visible on all search engines and people to find their way to it. Currently were seeing the majority of its audience coming from the UK, USA and Netherlands. We’re obviously doing a much better job with the Blog as our audience is already across 7 countries and growing each day and hopefully this blog entry will help direct a few more visitors to the website 
Korolit Blog analytics

We fully expected the two main ways people navigated to the Blog to be LinkedIn and Twitter and the former is certainly the main one but were surprised to see Yandex on level pegging with Linkedin and all the other ones, including Twitter and Google much lower. I guess Twitter is a very transient thing, updates posted rapidly pass into history.  Going forward we will see if we can time updates for new Blog articles to catch more attention. 

In total it looks like readers are using a variety of different Operating Systems with the majority via Windows and Mackintosh but iPhone and iPad OS already comprise nearly 20%. With this in mind we have tried to ensure the articles and indexes present in a way that suits each type of device. The website itself has a separate Smartphone presentation format that makes it much easier to use and we hope you like what we have done.
It’s a great start and we are looking forward to building our profile in the coming weeks and months. We’re really happy to see so much interest in the articles and site content and looking forward to some of you getting in touch with us directly to see if we can help with your own challenges.

Thank you