Korolit Website


At the end of last year we promised a few changes going into 2014. It’s take a bit longer than planned but were really happy to share our new website with you. It’s much cleaner and more visual and will provide a great base for us to continue to build content.

We have progressively distilled our service into the four key ones that form our company strap-line:

  • Strategy
  • Change
  • Consult
  • People

and this makes it much easier to explain our value add. The response has been tremendous and we’re finding that our services are in demand for end consumers, suppliers and as a trusted partner working between both.

Our audience has also grown and is now spread across 44 countries and in 20 languages. This blog site had been getting a bit heavy going and we will be making the articles more succinct and focused in the coming months.

It goes without saying that we are so grateful for the clients and interested parties that we have come into contact with. Your support has been phenomenal and really appreciated.

We are excited about the future and hope you will find all these changes positive.

Many thanks
Anthony King
CEO Korolit