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Korolit’s projections for 2015

Business Forecast

At the end of each year we provide some forecasts for the IT industry. Last year the focus was very much on the growth of ‘Cloud’ and associated technologies and highlighted a market returning to growth. This year the forecast, based on IDC analysis is evan more exciting and we have summarised the key projections below:

  1. Worldwide ICT spending will grow 3.8% in 2015 to $3.8+ trillion. ICT spending in emerging markets is forecast to grow 7.1% year over year with mature markets at 1.4% growth.
  2. Wireless data will become the largest at $536 billion and fastest growing at 13% segment of telecom spending.
  3. Sales of smartphones and tablets will reach $484 billion, accounting for 40% of all IT spending growth. Mobile app downloads will start to slow in 2015 but enterprise mobile app development will double.
  4. Cloud services will register $118 billion in spending. Adoption of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will grow at 36%.
  5. Big data and analytics spending will grow to $125 billion with rich media analytics (video, audio, and image) emerging as an important driver of big data projects. Big data supply chains (i.e. Data as a Service) will grow in importance as cloud platform and analytics vendors offer clients value-added information from commercial and open data sets.
  6. The Internet of Things is one of the most important Innovation Accelerators for growth and expansion of IT-based value in the 3rd Platform era. One third of IoT spending in 2015 will be focused on intelligent embedded devices outside the IT and telecom industries helped by partnerships among leading IT companies.
  7. Datacenters are undergoing a fundamental transformation as the majority of raw compute capacity and raw storage capacity moves to cloud-, mobile-, and big data-optimized hyperscale datacenters operated by cloud service providers. This shift will drive greater consolidation among server, storage, software, and networking vendors.
  8. A number of industry disruptions, driven by 3rd Platform developments, will emerge in 2015. Examples include alternative payment networks in financial services, expansion of IoT technologies into city safety, public works and transportation systems, and the expansion of location-based services in the retail industry. The number of industry platforms will expand rapidly, doubling in 2015.
  9. 3rd Platform-optimized security solutions will help to secure the edge of the cloud (i.e. biometric security on mobile devices) and the core (i.e., encryption in the cloud will become the default practice). And threat intelligence will emerge as a killer Data as a Service category with a rapidly growing number of enterprises receiving tailored threat intelligence information. 3D printing will see significant activity among conventional document printing companies as they lay the groundwork for a looming battle for commercial and industrial markets in 2016.
  10. China account for 43% of all industry growth, one third of all smartphone purchases, and about one third of all online shoppers. Chinese branded smartphone makers will capture more than a third of the worldwide smartphone market.

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