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Growing Global!

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I spend quite a lot of time in what could be termed ‘communications focused’ activities as we work to promote Korolit. In June 2014 I took a slight breather to provide an update on where we were. It was only then that I really took stock of just how far we had come!

6 months later and, as promised, the pace has just kept going. The website ( has been through yet another update and is now themed around our core services and concepts. The same applies to the blog which was moved to a more ‘professional’ address ( and via WordPress which allows us to do a lot more with it. The Twitter account (@korolitbiz) has been actively sharing updates along with our Facebook and Google+ accounts.

I mentioned in June 2014 just how surprised we were that, from a start point a year earlier of 3 countries, we had grown to an audience of 57 countries in 33 languages. I am absolutely delighted and excited to see that we have continued to scale and now have an audience of 80 countries in 55 languages!

2014 was the year that we wanted to put Korolit on the map (literally!) and we achieved that beyond our wildest expectations. Over that period we have also progressively simplified our portfolio and at the same time made it much more flexible to meet the demands of our clients.

Going forward we still fully expect the rate of business change to accelerate as we further develop and scale to meet demand. 2014 was a tough but enjoyable year and we’re really looking foreword to continuing the same story in 2015!

We’re an independent and experienced consulting, programme management and executive resourcing business. We're focused on the needs of both public and private sector clients. We work with all sizes of organisations from local start-ups through to global concerns. Without the cost overheads associated with a much larger consultancy business we have the flexibility to take on small targeted assignments, or much larger work programmes. Every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the breadth and depth of our expertise.