Website Analytics – July 2014 & July 2015

We regularly take a look at the Korolit ‘on-line’ audience to understand and adapt our presentation. A key change at the start of this year was to integrate the website and blog and provide a more detailed breakdown of our services. This month we compared a ‘snapshot’ of July 2014 to July 2015 and discovered a few interesting things about our developing audience!

Korolit Analytics - July 2014 and July 2015

The number of countries regularly browsing the site has almost tripled in the last year. Interestingly the ratio of each country has changed. A year ago the UK was in top place but has now fallen to third place behind Russia and the USA. Chrome use has grown from 54% to 79% and Safari has dropped from 29% to just 2.5%! The level of new visitors has increased from 67% to 95% and the level of direct visits has decreased from 53% to just 10%. The bit that we find a bit perplexing is that mobile user access has actually dropped in the last year and this may be related to the geography of our newer audience?

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