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Website and logo tidy up!

It’s been a pretty amazing start to 2017 and despite a heavy workload and many new clients we have managed to do a bit of a tidy up across our digital assets. LinkedIn,Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all been revamped and we have also updated our website with recent market events. Our services have remained broadly the same which is down to the amount of time we put in a the start to get them right and keep them simple!

The website has had quite a few minor changes including a much extended footer section to include many more article and tweet links.

The new website footer

Audience wise we’re continuing to grow across all our ‘digital assets’ and the website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook bring our total audience to around 23,000+ people spread across a wide global geography which is a huge change from our fairly UK focused business back in 2013.

Korolit website audience

Another change is in relation to our logo and branding. Korolit started out life with a very bold typeface and equally striking orange theme. Over the past year we have progressively softened and lightened the font and moved to a more relaxed type-face, and reserve orange to highlight the ‘k’ which is now also used on its own for our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Since 2013 we have had a strap-line below the logo ( ‘Strategy | Change | Consult | People’) to help summarise our services to new potential clients. Based on client feedback and our own judgment we feel that the business has become sufficiently well established and known to allow us to remove the strap-line which we feel looks much better on the website and our business cards!

We have also moved much more into images and video this year which is proving to be really successful and we took on a new client recently who found us via a video! Going forward we plan to put a lot more focus on these platforms so keep checking back for further updates!


We’re an independent and experienced consulting, programme management and executive resourcing business. We're focused on the needs of both public and private sector clients. We work with all sizes of organisations from local start-ups through to global concerns. Without the cost overheads associated with a much larger consultancy business we have the flexibility to take on small targeted assignments, or much larger work programmes. Every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Each engagement benefits from the breadth and depth of our expertise.