Simple and comprehensive

Unless you’re a large organisation with deep pockets it’s a real challenge to get independent and expert guidance and the big global consulting firms are hugely expensive. Korolit targets this gap in the market by providing outstanding quality and truly independent consultancy services to its core mid-sized clients.

We also take an entirely refreshing approach to our services portfolio. Rather than presenting a long and complex list of offerings we offer just 4 which can be used in isolation, or combination, to provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the specific needs of our clients. This approach is far from unique as every living thing on the planet is the product of just four nucleotide base pairs in a strand of DNA. As with nature we can meet both simple and complex requirements by combining these services, and all of our services are designed to fit the very specific needs of our clients.



All successful organisations need to have a well thought out and market aligned strategy. We help our clients to review and develop their organisational goals and strategies via our proven range of services. We also help them to update and develop them to reflect any market change, including new opportunities.


We review, plan and help our clients to implement industry standard practices. We help our clients to leverage new technologies, realise greater levels of efficiency, reduced cost and to be more competitive.


We have extensive experience in project and programme management and help our clients to review existing projects and ‘re-track’ projects where there are problems. We also help our clients to establish effective project and programme organisations including governance. Where required we will also manage work on behalf of our clients.


We help our clients to review their existing senior team capabilities, design new roles, career paths and reward structures to align and catalyse people to drive success. We also help our clients to Identify and recruit key personnel via our Executive Search (ES) services. We also provide highly cost effective interim management for short term requirements.

“It’s only when you set a ridiculously hard target that you start to discover what you’re really capable of achieving” (Anthony King)