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    How to choose the right investor

    Introduction If you have built a company fast, with good revenue, margin levels and have a great profile in the market It will only be a matter of time until Private Equity investors start to hunt you out. If they do, or you are interested in some additional capital and support, I would initially suggest reading my first article entitled ‘A Primer on Private Equity’ as choosing the right investor to fund your business growth is both a critical and huge decision. The brief article below will help you to identify which firm best suits you! Key considerations Understand why: To date you have been pretty much master of your…

  • Investment

    A Primer on Private Equity

    Introduction I wrote this article as so many firms I work with have an interest in but lack much insight into how Private Equity works. Perhaps worse, some manage to convince a Private Equity firm to invest in the project and both parties then experience a painful, and in some cases adversarial, journey. It can also be an incredibly rewarding partnership if the target outcomes are clear, agreed and both parties are working closely and openly to achieve shared goals. Private Equity is capital not listed on a public exchange as it’s composed of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies, or that engage in buyouts of public…