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    Chicago, Salt Lake City and New York

    Back out to the US this week and covered a lot of ground including Chicago, Salt Lake City and New York. Unfortunately due to Hurricane Irma we decided to postpone Florida as we didn’t want to take up valuable airline and hotel places that could be put to much better use. It was a particularly tough time over there and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to all those who lost homes or loved ones. Probably the most epic time of the week was the road trip from Salt Lake City up into the Utah hills to visit a bunch of guys who presented us with what looked like a Bagel…

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    Just returned from a recent visit to Croatia, partly for a break and partly for business. It’s a fascinating country strategically placed at the crossroads of Central Europe, the Balkans and the Adriatic Sea and close to the Mediterranean. The International Monetary Fund classified Croatia as an emerging and developing economy, and the World Bank identified it as a high income economy. Croatia is also an acceding state of the European Union, with full membership expected in July 2013. It’s also a country with a diverse climate ranging from continental to alpine and Mediterranean along the coast. Croatia’s Adriatic coast also contains more than a thousand islands. Altogether Croatia comprises…

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    Website and logo tidy up!

    It’s been a pretty amazing start to 2017 and despite a heavy workload and many new clients we have managed to do a bit of a tidy up across our digital assets. LinkedIn,Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have all been revamped and we have also updated our website with recent market events. Our services have remained broadly the same which is down to the amount of time we put in a the start to get them right and keep them simple! The website has had quite a few minor changes including a much extended footer section to include many more article and tweet links. The new website footer Audience wise we’re continuing…