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    Korolit Digital Media Stats

    We have not taken a look at our website analytics for a quite while hence the brief review we ran this morning was going to be interesting! 3 years ago we moved from a UK focused business to a more global one and this is certainly reflected in our audience with USA, EMEA, China and Russia now comprising our largest audience! It’s also great to see that 50% of our audience is returning on a regular basis, surprisingly however 90% are via desk top. It’s also interesting to note that 60% of visitors navigate to us directly with 30% using a Google search via a key word evenly spread between ‘korolit’…

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    A Brexit Guide for SME’s

    Introduction The term Brexit has now become used as an encapsulation of the incredibly complex journey we have ahead of us in moving Britain out of the EU. The actual Brexit referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016 with a decision to leave carried by 51.9% to 48.1% with a turnout of 71.8% and more than 30 million people voting. England and Wales voted in favour of leaving but Scotland and Northern Ireland both backed staying in the EU by 62% and 55.8% respectively. There were prophesies of huge market impacts and the pound did slump the day after the referendum and it remains around 15% lower against the…

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    Korolit website ‘refresh’

    It’s been a tremendous period of change here at Korolit as our business has progressively broadened its range of services in response to client demand and moved more into business consulting services. This has left our website lagging a bit behind as we have not had time to invest the effort to update it! We have now completed a ‘re-fresh’ to bring it up to date and also switched to a much easier to view lighter theme.  You might also notice our revised logo!