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    A few minor website changes

    Social Media We have re-worked the header social media links to make them a bit brighter and have also added in a Pinterest Link. Just click on the right hand side arrow to expose them. Social Media Log-in/Register and Twitter Feed The footer has also been updated with a Social Media log-in rather than form entry to speed the process and we have also added a Twitter stream.

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    Korolit becomes a member of the ‘Gartner Research Circle’

    Gartner Research Circle is the voice of selected business decision makers. Participating members have a unique opportunity to provide input and opinions on a variety of IT and other business-related topics. Insight gathered from Gartner Research Circle will: Help Gartner to capture the pulse on hot topics and current IT and business issues Enable Gartner to make informed decisions on the research that we deliver Give members insight into what their peers are doing to help gauge performance and plan

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    Website upgrade

    On 24th September at 14:16 hours we applied around 20 updates to the website platform, including an analytics upgrade which required a very brief outage, just 5 seconds in total! This is largely down to our decision earlier this year to upgrade the entire website platform to WordPress and our very skilled in-house web engineer!