Choosing the right VC firm is key to your success!

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Introduction In recent years there have been some incredible success stories for start-ups that have had an accelerated growth into very large and profitable businesses, including Snapchat, Uber, Whatsapp. Even well known global businesses such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Box and Dropbox are still relatively new! The vision and skills of … Read More

A Nation of Shopkeepers!

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Introduction Since 2000 the rate of growth of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the UK has been both dramatic and sustained. There were over 5.2 million SME’s at the start of 2014, the first time the business population had exceeded 5 million! SME’s underpin the UK economy by employing … Read More

A BIG Opportunity!

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Introduction The global managed services market is expected to grow from $107.17 billion last year to $193.34 billion by 2019 at an estimated CAGR of 12.5%. This growth rate is largely being driven by advancements in cloud computing, big data and mobility services. These new ‘outsourced’ services are enabling organizations … Read More

A Good Time To Invest?

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Introduction According to the Enterprise Research Centre small businesses in the UK are growing at their fastest rate in seven years with the UK’s population of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) growing at its fastest rate of growth since the financial crisis in 2008. Since the financial and economic crisis … Read More

Choosing the right investor for your business

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Introduction The ‘Prequin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report’ recorded that last year 994 Private Equity funds managed an estimated $3.8 trillion of corporate assets, with another $1.2 trillion of ‘Dry Powder’ waiting to be spent! It also highlighted that 2014 saw over $400 billion invested and over $500 … Read More

Survive, Thrive, Survive and Nosedive

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Introduction Many new businesses build a financial forecast that shows a steady rate of growth after their initial launch date. In the IT sector these predicted growth rates for application start-ups are often much more aggressive to reflect the viral nature of the market that companies such as Facebook, Dropbox … Read More

Will my business be the next Unicorn?

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Introduction The IT market has spawned some hugely successful businesses such as Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. With the memory of the last recession now fast fading IT is once again centre stage with investors keen to find the next success story. There are more start-ups being launched every year … Read More

Time to sell/invest

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Introduction Perhaps you have spent the last few years working hard to build your business and are now looking to sell it to relax and spend some quality time with the family. Alternatively you might be looking to attract some investment to support an expansion, acquisition or diversification. Whatever the … Read More

Building your Board Team

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  Introduction For any team event in sports the selection of people to work together is absolutely critical and the same applies in business when you start a new venture. Get it right and you will have a much better chance of a success and funding, get it wrong and … Read More

Top 10 strategic trends for 2015


Introduction Gartner recently published it’s top 10 strategic trends for 2015. We have taken these and summarised a bit to help you understand the key elements. These strategic focus areas also complement our earlier forecast article so please read both together. Computing Everywhere Despite some initial reservations the rate of … Read More

Intellectual Property Rights

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Introduction One of the most complex topics that any business is going to encounter relates to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Its very easy to overlook how important getting this right is, particularly for start-ups and all businesses with unique products. This article provides a very brief overview of Copyright, Trademark and … Read More

Korolit’s projections for 2015

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At the end of each year we provide some forecasts for the IT industry. Last year the focus was very much on the growth of ‘Cloud’ and associated technologies and highlighted a market returning to growth. This year the forecast, based on IDC analysis is evan more exciting and we … Read More

Why do I need an IT Strategy for my business?


Introduction IT Strategy is one of those topics that comes up repeatedly and generates the highest levels of interest in our Blog. This article explains the importance of having a defined strategy and its relationship with the Business Plan.   Why Do We Need an IT Strategy? For most businesses … Read More

Cloud – Where are we?


We have come back to this topic several times over the past year as the market is going through a period of rapid change and growth. It’s quite staggering to see projections that the global cloud computing market is expected to grow at a 30% CAGR reaching $270 billion in … Read More

How important is strategy?


It’s been interesting to see which of our blog topics attract the most interest and the clear leader to date has been anything with strategy in the title! A strategic plan is probably one of the single most important things any organization can produce. It puts in place the core … Read More

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Primer


As Data becomes progressively more important to many businesses CRM and ERP are two important technology acronyms that businesses need to know about. What is CRM?CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management and is a phrase used to describe all aspects of interaction that a company has with its customer, … Read More

Big Data predictions


Here are some interesting Big Data predictions: Market The market for big data will grow to $16.1 billion by the end of 2014, that’s 6 times faster than the overall IT market! Cloud infrastructure will be the fastest-growing part of the big data market, with a 2013-2017 CAGR of close … Read More

Korolit’s five predictions


Here are our five Korolit predictions for the next few years. We will come back to these in a few years to see how closely they became a reality! 1. Connectivity Over the next few years it will be normal for every system or person to be permanently ‘on-line’. This will … Read More

Moving to the cloud – Why move?


IT infrastructure is changing dramatically, and cloud computing is largely responsible for that change. A recent survey of 489 organizations found that 77% of firms are using or have plans to use cloud computing. 64% said they believed the cloud would be the best way to manage IT infrastructure within three … Read More

Digital Strategy – Social Media Introduction


 In this article we take a look at the social media channel options that are available to your organisation and provide some guidance on their application. This should be read in conjunction with our earlier blog post entitled ‘Digital Strategy’ as any social media initiative should form part of an … Read More