We help our clients to review their existing senior team capabilities, design new roles, career paths and reward structures to align and catalyse people to drive success. We also help our clients to Identify and recruit key personnel up to CEO/MD level via our Executive Search (ES) services. We also provide highly cost effective interim management for short term requirements.


We will help you to understand the psychology of leadership and the relationship building qualities that a great leader possesses. We help with leadership challenges especially performance management.

We help leaders who are transitioning into a position of management as well as experienced leaders who wish to coach others more effectively.

Sales & Influence

The life blood of any organisation is its pipeline.

There are various forms of selling which some may find more effective than others, so it is about finding the right technique for you. We explore the psychology behind sales and the appeal of different motivators and strategies.


We have customer service in our DNA and we offer a variety of courses to help improve how you build relationships with your customers.

We will look at how to consistently deliver superb standards of service. We can help your team stay positive, be empathetic as well as how to best respond when they are unable to deliver on expectations. In this way we help you differentiate yourselves by continuing to build relationships even in the most challenging circumstances.

Customer service is at the heart of every business and as such it is important to set a precedence of excellence. We help your people stay resilient and customer centric.


Executive Search and Selection

Our resourcing service offers several advantages over using a traditional recruiter:

  • Fixed price hence no incentive to maximise salary levels
  • Role definition and rate setting service
  • Comprehensive selection assessment
  • Candidate and client interview coaching
  • Interviewing
  • Post award Integration support

We have a much deeper understanding of senior staff capabilities than any recruiter and we go that much further to ensure that we find the right resource to meet your needs.


Your business may need a short term injection of expertise to help drive a programme of change. We have an extensive ‘bench’ of senior interim executives and a network of contacts  to fulfil senior assignments up to CEO/MD level.

For this level of interim assignment we would discuss the requirement in order to fully understand the role and responsibilities, the required skills and experience, the organisation culture etc. and we would then propose suitable candidates with relevant sector expertise and prior interim experience.

The interim executive will become an integral part of the business for a period of time. A key responsibility will include the successful transfer of knowledge back into the business and to his / her replacement if appropriate.

Korolit will retain overall responsibility for the successful delivery of this engagement. We will maintain an ongoing relationship with the client and we guarantee continuity in the unlikely event of any break in service. the right resource to meet your needs.

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” (Richard Branson)