To help our clients launch exciting new, and invested, businesses, scale and make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance. To build amazing organisations that attract, develop, energise and retain exceptional people.



Significantly improve our clients’ performance 

Build long-term relationships based on trust

Observe high ethical standards


Create remarkable experiences 

Obsess about quality and outcomes

Trust-based and win-win partnerships.

Always pursue personal growth 

Anthony King 

Postgraduate in application of technology in medicine with a 30-year+ career in technology and outsourcing. Advisor for PE, VC, and Family Offices, including a $600m technology investment fund. Has held multiple board positions. Founded Korolit in 2012 to provide a range of services to start-up and SME clients and Korolit now works with clients globally, and across multiple market sectors. Co-founder and managing partner of Cloudpush, a technology business. NED and adviser to GreenTribe, a Seed fund and Legacy Group and a Trustee.

Shares a home in Wiltshire with Stan, a cocker spaniel. Two children, Joshua graduated in medicine and is currently ranked 32 in the world as a professional ‘Royal’ or ‘Real’ Tennis player and lead coach. Joshua is also a talented composer and musician (keyboards, bass guitar and Ukulele) and has been featured on Radio One. Sophie is studying Psychology at university and started her first business at 16, throwing Dad out of his much-loved home office.