The ‘K’ comes to Korolit


Over the past year we have steadily been building a great audience across a wide geography and the Korolit name has become well known along with its ‘Strategy | Change | Consult | People’ second line. We’re really proud of just how well known it has become which is absolutely critical for any business. 

However, with some social media outlets the logo has to be reduced to such a small size that it is hard to see, and it also looks a bit messy. To fix this problem we are introducing a logo specifically targeted at these needs. From today a new ‘K’ logo will be used on Twitter, Google+, Facebook and our LinkedIn company pages. It shares the same font as the full name and makes good use of our corporate Orange colour. 
We have run a few ‘field tests’ and the feedback is that it stands out much better than the full name which is particularly important if you have a steady stream of tweets flashing by. The website and blog will continue to use the full name and the website will also include a reference to the new logo in the ‘News’ page.