Apr-May 2015 – Social Media Statistics


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 16.38.43

Probably a good time to share a few statistics on our Social Media channels as we’re now over a month on from our website and blog integration. Looking at the Google Analytics report 93% of Korolit website and blog visitors are viewing it for the first time compared to 44% a year ago. Interestingly a 96% are still logging on via a desktop which is a bit higher than the same period a year ago and despite a backdrop of a move to mobile! Perhaps it is taking people a bit of time to try the new WordPress based mobile site capabilities?

There are an even number of both sexes compared to Twitter which is 79% male! Globally we’re now approaching an audience in 90 countries with the majority based in the USA. Around 66% of our visitors are now via a referring site with the majority via LinkedIn, albeit the number from Facebook and Twitter are growing. Our Pinterest and Instagram channels are relatively new and we will start to report back on these in coming months.

Have a great weekend!

Anthony King