The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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We’re now well underway to our fourth industrial revolution based on a foundation of technological innovation and convergence that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In terms of scale, scope, and complexity this transformation will be the most significant and will dwarf the … Read More

PR vs Marketing

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Companies often confuse PR and marketing but they fulfil very different requirements: Focus – Marketing focuses on products and services and PR focuses on people and relationships. Function – Marketing activities drive sales activities and they can be aligned to discrete KPI’s and targets. In contrast PR supports an organization’s … Read More

Joy – Netflix

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My wife found this on Netflix last night and for anyone considering life as an entrepreneur it’s just brilliant viewing. More valuable than much of the management consultancy out there, or a heap of books and a heck of a lot more enjoyable (great acting by Jennifer Lawrence, Edgar Ramírez, … Read More

A Brexit Guide for SME’s

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Introduction The term Brexit has now become used as an encapsulation of the incredibly complex journey we have ahead of us in moving Britain out of the EU. The actual Brexit referendum was held on Thursday 23 June 2016 with a decision to leave carried by 51.9% to 48.1% with … Read More

Transforming a business!

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Each Monday I face the usual rush to leave home in Bedford by 5am to get ahead of the M1/M25 traffic. After a long drive I drop the car off in Reading at 7am and take a short walk past the office to pick up a large Cappuccino from the … Read More

Why do start-ups fail?

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Introduction It is estimated that 70-75% VC (Venture Capital) backed start-ups don’t return the funds that investors put in with 50%+ returning nothing. VC database CB Insights reviewed more than 1,000 start-ups that raised seed rounds in 2009 and 2010 and found that by the end of 2015 less than … Read More

Want to build a Unicorn?

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Introduction Some small business owners can be content to continue running a small operation in return for a reasonable income. The term often used to describe this is a ‘Lifestyle’ business. Others are more driven and want to build their business, take a larger market share and realize greater levels … Read More

Who gets to be CEO?

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Introduction The CEO is generally viewed as the overall leader of an organization. Not surprisingly it is also probably the most coveted and challenging role in any organization. Before looking at the role itself let’s take a look at a few interesting statistics on CEO’s: 60% are entrepreneurs who have … Read More

Leveraging your Human Capital

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Introduction The World Economic Forum’s ‘Employment, Skills and Human Capital Global Challenge Insight Report 2015’ highlighted that Human capital will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century. It also stated that more than a third of employers globally reported facing difficulties in finding talent … Read More

The future of managed services

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Introduction In our last article ( we outlined the differences between outsourcing and managed services and concluded that they have converged to so much that are now essentially the same thing. We also highlighted the tremendous growth opportunity in the mid-market. In this article we are going to take a closer … Read More

Outsource or Managed Service?

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Introduction In recent years the differences between outsourcing and managed services have become much more difficult to resolve as IT service providers have progressively offered more sophisticated, and a broader ranges of services, to meet new client demand, technology developments and to compete more effectively for new business. In this … Read More

A Nation of Shopkeepers!

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Introduction Since 2000 the rate of growth of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the UK has been both dramatic and sustained. There were over 5.2 million SME’s at the start of 2014, the first time the business population had exceeded 5 million! SME’s underpin the UK economy by employing … Read More

A BIG Opportunity!

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Introduction The global managed services market is expected to grow from $107.17 billion last year to $193.34 billion by 2019 at an estimated CAGR of 12.5%. This growth rate is largely being driven by advancements in cloud computing, big data and mobility services. These new ‘outsourced’ services are enabling organizations … Read More

Survive, Thrive, Survive and Nosedive

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Introduction Many new businesses build a financial forecast that shows a steady rate of growth after their initial launch date. In the IT sector these predicted growth rates for application start-ups are often much more aggressive to reflect the viral nature of the market that companies such as Facebook, Dropbox … Read More

Will my business be the next Unicorn?

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Introduction The IT market has spawned some hugely successful businesses such as Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. With the memory of the last recession now fast fading IT is once again centre stage with investors keen to find the next success story. There are more start-ups being launched every year … Read More

Building your Board Team

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  Introduction For any team event in sports the selection of people to work together is absolutely critical and the same applies in business when you start a new venture. Get it right and you will have a much better chance of a success and funding, get it wrong and … Read More