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    ‘New Normal’ will be profoundly different!

    As we all start to look forward to an easing of lock-down its worth taking a look at some of the changes we are likely to see as part of an emerging ‘New Normal’ and there is a degree of consensus that the some of these changes taking place will be long term and quite profound in nature, as they have been after pandemic event in our history, including the Black Death in Europe in the Middle Ages the Spanish Flu of 1918. It would be great to see a conversation open up around all of these projections so please add your comments. Trains Trains have arguably never been so critical…

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    The global COVID-19 pandemic is a human tragedy that is also having a growing impact on the global economy and has fundamentally changed our experiences as customers, employees, citizens and humans. Companies across the world are struggling to deal with these unprecedented changes, and it’s worth noting that many global businesses actually rose out of tough economic times. General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Disney, HP, Microsoft, FedEx, Electronic Arts, Burger King, CNN, Hyatt Hotels, AIRBNB, Groupon & WhatsApp were all launched in a recession, and Google, Salesforce, and Facebook were launched shortly before a recession. A study released by the Kaufman Foundation in 2009 found that over 50% of Fortune…

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    Start-ups have reason to be positive!

    Introduction We are in a very weird place, social isolation, death, illness, and a declared national emergency have had an immediate impact on industries that cluster people; conferences, trade shows, airlines/cruise ships and all types of travel, the hospitality industry, sporting events, theatre and movies, restaurants and schools. Large companies are telling employees to work at home. Large retail chains are shutting down their stores. We all know local businesses that may not be around when the dust settles! If you’re about to launch a new business, or running one, this is going to be a stressful and discombobulating time. It’s also a time of huge opportunity, and that is…