How to choose the right investor


Introduction If you have built a company fast, with good revenue, margin levels and have a great profile in the market It will only be a matter of time until Private Equity investors start to hunt you out. If they do, or you are interested in some additional capital and … Read More

A Primer on Private Equity


Introduction I wrote this article as so many firms I work with have an interest in but lack much insight into how Private Equity works. Perhaps worse, some manage to convince a Private Equity firm to invest in the project and both parties then experience a painful, and in some … Read More

Invest and Sell – Dress to Impress!


A Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), also referred to as an Offering Memorandum (OM), Memorandum of Information (MOI) or the “book” is part of a sell-side M&A process. It’s typically created at the beginning of the M&A process by the Investment Bank contracted to assist the business. It provides a single … Read More

Centaurs, Unicorns, Decacorns and Rabbits!


With around $12 billion invested by VC’s across nearly 1,000 businesses in Q1 2016 (Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP & National Venture Capital Association) alone there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of funds in the market! It is slightly lower (around 11%) than in 2015 but it’s also the ninth consecutive … Read More

Korolit’s forecast ‘Hot Technologies’ for 2016

Anthony KingInvestment

Introduction Each year we present Korolit’s strategic trends for the year ahead and this year is no exception. These are the technologies that we believe will be central to many businesses in the year ahead. Computing Everywhere Despite some initial reservations the rate of adoption for wearable devices such as … Read More

Chief of Unicorn Division


Introduction Executive titles and organisational structures are always hugely topical, and also hugely challenging! Get them right and you have the foundations for a highly motivated and focused team that can achieve greatness. Get them wrong and your business can become distracted, lose focus and possibly fail! Titles In recent … Read More

Choosing the right VC firm is key to your success!


Introduction In recent years there have been some incredible success stories for start-ups that have had an accelerated growth into very large and profitable businesses, including Snapchat, Uber, Whatsapp. Even well known global businesses such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Box and Dropbox are still relatively new! The vision and skills of … Read More

A Good Time To Invest?


Introduction According to the Enterprise Research Centre small businesses in the UK are growing at their fastest rate in seven years with the UK’s population of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) growing at its fastest rate of growth since the financial crisis in 2008. Since the financial and economic crisis … Read More

Choosing the right investor for your business


Introduction The ‘Prequin Global Private Equity & Venture Capital Report’ recorded that last year 994 Private Equity funds managed an estimated $3.8 trillion of corporate assets, with another $1.2 trillion of ‘Dry Powder’ waiting to be spent! It also highlighted that 2014 saw over $400 billion invested and over $500 … Read More

Will my business be the next Unicorn?

anthonykkingBusiness Development, Investment, Strategy

Introduction The IT market has spawned some hugely successful businesses such as Facebook, Uber, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. With the memory of the last recession now fast fading IT is once again centre stage with investors keen to find the next success story. There are more start-ups being launched every year … Read More

Time to sell/invest


Introduction Perhaps you have spent the last few years working hard to build your business and are now looking to sell it to relax and spend some quality time with the family. Alternatively you might be looking to attract some investment to support an expansion, acquisition or diversification. Whatever the … Read More

Investors & Data Rooms


Introduction Were enjoying a period of expanding markets and high levels of corporate activity with many companies looking to take-on investment and acquire other businesses. In almost all case the first step will be a Due Diligence (DD) exercise to re-assure the investor that their money will be wisely invested … Read More

Company Due Diligence


Introduction Many businesses are now looking for investment to help them grow at an accelerated rate. A key pre-requisite before and funding is released is to conduct a Due Diligence exercise to ensure a good return on investment. The Due Diligence exercise typically involves a combination of specialists who will … Read More