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    Towards a more sapient and connected world

    Introduction We’re seeing a progressive slowdown in the rate of hardware change in our smartphones these days as individual innovations comprise smaller incremental enhancements rather than huge step changes. Where the relative rate of change of a device has slowed the rate of change in the combined capabilities of the app’s and in the integration of devices across an intelligent and connected internet are accelerating at a breathtaking rate! Every technology described here is connected to some degree and contributing to this sum of change, working to transform the way we work, and perhaps taking us one further step to a fully connected world and one where AI is far…

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    Brexit is part of a perfect storm for UK retail

    I recently went back to the KPMG Annual Retail Survey 2018 (published Jan 2018) and it’s both striking and worrying just how closely we’re tracking to it. Retail wasn’t fully considered in the Brexit planning process and that probably contributed to the bizarre behaviour we saw in the aftermath of the referendum, as UK consumers kept on shopping! David Davis (the Brexit secretary) stated at the end of 2017 that no economic impact study had been undertaken before the cabinet decision to leave the customs union just an analysis of market sizes etc and that and no assessment had been made of the possible economic effect of a no-deal Brexit…